Mission Workshop : A New Sponsor

Mission Workshop Vandal Expanded

Please bring a warm welcome to the newest sponsor of Commute by Bike, Mission Workshop. Mission Workshop is a new company getting ready to launch their amazing urban styled cargo backpacks. The guys behind Mission are well versed in bag making, coming from a background at Chrome.

Their bags are well thought out, with the expandable feature, nooks for hiding and a lot of velcro or straps to keep things in place. Durable, waterproof and universal are all the things that make my ears perk up when we talk bags. Towards the bottom of this article there are some photos but most importantly a video that shows off many of the ways a Mission Workshop bag could complete you.

We have a Vandal Cargo Backpack in house for review and from day one I have been speechless at the variety of uses and comfort this bag brings. Because of this we contacted Mission Workshop to come on as a sponsor. You’ll soon see a preview and video of this bag once I figure out all the different ways the bag can be used.

Key ingredients of the company and bags

Made in the USA

Lifetime Warranty

Tested and made by daily users

Follow Mission Workshop on Twitter, and when you are at it follow us on Twitter.

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