2010 NAHBS : Ant Bike, Mike Flanigan Short Film

The man behind Ant Bike, is Mike Flanigan. A great guy that was the original person to introduce me to great looking “utility bikes.” It was the summer that I was running a shop in Bedford, MA. I met Ant Bike Mike through the internet and one day he rode his lovely bike over to Bedford to meet me. His bike, and his personality were two things I will never forget. It made me excited to see what else he had up his sleeve, as well as excited to try this utility/commuter/day trip type of bike. Prior to meeting him I rode various bikes for commuting, but never anything perfect. Ranging from cyclocross, to fixie and true road, none of them were perfect.. I think my closest “perfect” bike that isn’t custom built would be Salsa Casseroll that I love so much.

Thank you Mike Flanigan, and I look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks at NAHBS.

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