Weekly Round Up : What Was Going on When I was Busy

This past week has been rough. Blogging is a side hobby/job for me, so it take a back burner if things get too overwhelming in life. Right now I am struggling to find the time. Firstly I have my family, which needs time after work or on my days off, this part of my life is a blessing and should never be cut short as it has in the past couple months. Second, my main job that pays the bills is running Cool Breeze Cyclery here in Mooresville, NC. We are in our off season, which means the physical store is slower but also means that we need to finish all those projects we put off for January – February. Thirdly, I try to ride and be active to enjoy this lifestyle and sport that my life in circles. Finally, there are these active blogs that I run : Commute By Bike & Bike Shop Girl.. Finding time, and time management are being tested these past couple weeks, and probably through February. Stick with me, and we will get through this together.

Weekly Round Up of Links :

Here are some of the most interesting commuter oriented articles that have hit my Google Reader RSS feeder.

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