Its The Weekend! What Are You Doing?

superbowl-trophyWell its the weekend again, just in time. Although to some this weekend holds a time honored tradition of eating and drinking to much and sitting in front of a large screen watching overpaid warriors of the grid iron battle it out for the ultimate prize to be had in a grass field that is 100×50 yards. Not that I’m against this tradition at all, I will be there as well on Sunday, stuffing my face and drinking till I pass out, go Colts!

That being said we are in that time of year were we are all just waiting around for spring. I try to make it down to Sedona as much as possible, the single track is primo right now. The other folks at the Campfire Cycling are getting a little restless as well. Our fearless leader Josh, has outfitted the Thorn tandem with snow tires, he’s planning on taking the GF out for a go round this weekend.

I’m sure Casey will be conjuring up the next idea to help evolve society by the resurgence of the classic road bike, society could be so lucky. Next week will features some special posts discussing some of the great ideas that Casey has in development, so be sure to check in for a sneak preview of the 2010 Wandertec line.

If you are doing something fun and exciting this weekend, right in and send us some pics, we would love to here about it, especially if it involves bikes or bike trailers.

Alright everybody, I hope you can hold your breath till we get back till Monday, here are some images to keep you busy.



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