The New Bike Trailer Blog!

we_want_youThe Bike Trailer Blog needs you!

Our sister blog, the Bike Trailer Blog is getting a face lift. We’re turning Bike Trailer Blog form a general catch all blog about bike trailers to a blog filled with and fueled by reader, customer and user content. We want the Bike Trailer blog to become the peoples bike trailer blog, were the contributions of our reader, a.k.a. you guys, is the driving content of the site. We want all your cool pictures and stories about the bike trailers you have purchased, created yourself or just the crazy trailers you have seen and how you use your favorite trailer whether in your daily life or for special trips and loads.

You now have a place to share you stories with other bike trailer enthusiasts. If your looking for a little inspiration then Bike Trailer Blog is the place to go. We already have a good start thanks to some contributions form our readers. Some of the stories are really entertaining and there are some really cool setups as well. We will also be talking about or own Wandertec line of cargo trailers The Wandertec BONGO, and the accessories that we are developing to work with the BONGO. We are designing the BONGO with our readers and customers in mind, the more feedback we receive the better we will be able to tailor the BONGO and its accessories to your needs .

So if you need to talk about your bike trailer, discover what other have done and are doing, need to purchase, or your just board, check out the new Bike Trailer Blog, and we would love to see your photos and hear what you have to say.

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