Steve's Banana Boat

We received a few pics from Steve, telling us about his 2009 RAGBRAI experience using a custom ride that he was able to find through another Bike Trailer Blog post, we love bringing people together, and a great theme added by Steve and his friends.

For those of you who don’t know RAGBRAI is a benefit ride across the state of Iowa in the middle of July. Now I’m sure your asking yourself who would want to ride across Iowa in the middle of the summer, well there’s about 10,000 people that would have an answer for you. Actually RAGBRAI might be the largest organized bicycle ride in the country. Imagine a rolling pedal powered party slowly and sometimes slightly intoxicated moving through the heart land and that’s RAGBRAI.

Keeping with the philosophy of RAGBRAI, Steve and his friends contacted Jay, who contributed to a previous Bike Trailer blog post back in March 2009 telling us about his Swiss made Zem four-person bike, and Steve asked if he could borrow it for RAGBRAI. You’ve gotta love the cycling community.

Now someone might call the people of RAGBRAI a little nuts, but I think fruity is a better word to use and Steve and his friends have taken the fruitiness to the max, literally. Team Banana split, Chiquita, or Bananasrus I’m not quite sure, but either way they look awesome in their banana suits. Anyone that wears a banana suit while riding across Iowa in the summer time deserves major props. I wonder if they ate bananas the hole time they were riding?

Here is a link to more banana bike craziness:

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