Q&A : Bike Lights

A reader wrote in asking questions about lights, read his question and then my personal answer.. From there, I turn the table to you all, what do you think he could do to avoid cars pulling out?


I wanted to get your input on lights/ being seen. Most of my morning commute is in the dark and in a bike lane. I have, on severa. occasions, almost been hit by cars pulling out from a sid. stree. despite the fact that I have a 27. lume. headlight shining in their direction. What else can I do to get their attention? Should I just accept the fact that they aren’t going to pay attention and wait for the to pull out.


#1 a solid and a blinking light : Catch their attention, but be able to be seen
#2 reflective 3m tape that will be “caught” from all sides of your bike. I have it on the rims of my wheels, seat stays, fork legs and downtube on some bikes.
#3 more than one light. It is hard to catch someones attention with just one fixed light, they may think you are a reflection, mail box or not moving very quickly.

Now, what would you do differently?

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