Bike Commuter Goals for 2010

Joe's Bike

1. Learn how to properly lock your bike

A requirement in major cities, but often an after thought in small towns or commuters that take their bicycle into buildings. Practice locking your bike frame and both wheels. Having a good lock in your arsenal helps, even if you don’t carry it with you daily.

2. Start a Commuter Challenge

There are many challenges out there, including consecutive days ridden, miles per commute, and so on.. Start your own or let us know what you would like and I’ll start one here!

3. Motivate a co-worker to commute by bike

Inspire someone you work with to ride a bike to work, offer to ride with them or possible drive together to work and ride together home.

4. Join your local advocacy group

Join, donate and be as active as possible. The more advocacy we have out there, the more people we may see on bikes.

5. Take photos to inspire others and yourself

Leave for your commute 10 minutes early so that you can slow down and enjoy the view. When you see something worthy, stop and take a photo.

6. Setup a commuter zone

Keep your bike and gear ready to go. Practice plugging in your lights and pumping up your tires as soon as it is needed. This way everything is ready when you are.

7. Practice preventative maintenance

Lube and clean your chain. Watch your tires and brakes for wear. Wipe down the frame and wheels. These things will leave you a happier bike that won’t break down unexpectedly.

8. Invest in your gear

Good gear will last you, it won’t leave you stranded and it normally comes with a great warranty. Buy from companies you trust, not always the one with the best deal.

Photo credit : SSO on Flickr
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