Secure Parking for Bikes in Pittsburgh

When I think of the city Pittsburgh, I think of steel, the Steelers and Dirt Rag Magazine..   Slowly, with BikePGH‘s help, many are looking at Pittsburgh as a bike commuting city.

Pittsburgh Bike Center
Pittsburgh will soon offer a secure parking situation for commuters who cycle rather than drive into town.

The Bicycle Commuter Center has been built on the northern side of the Century Building in the Cultural District. The concept is simple: Two shipping containers have been converted into indoor bicycle storage with space for 26 bikes. The bikes in the facility will be safe from vandalism, theft, rain and snow–elements to which they may be vulnerable with on-street parking. Annual leases will begin April 1, and are available for $100, with a $10 key deposit. There are also 21 wall-racks and official BikePGH racks outside, available for free for short-term Cultural District parking.

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