New York State Legislation to Push Pedestrian & Cyclist Bill

With the state legislative session underway, Albany will soon turn its attention to business that lawmakers never got the chance to address last year. One bill to keep an eye on would give police and prosecutors a new tool to protect pedestrians and cyclists.

After two preschoolers were killed in Chinatown last January by a van driver who left his vehicle idling and unattended, lawmakers and advocates drafted “Hayley and Diego’s Law.” The bill is what’s known as a “vulnerable user law.” It would create a new offense called careless driving, which would carry penalties of up to $750 in fines and 15 days in jail for drivers who hit and injure vulnerable street users — including all pedestrians and cyclists.

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$750 and 15 days in jail seems very light after hitting a street user.   In certain towns, like Annapolis, MD, the fee is much more strict and time in jail is the least of your worries.   Yes, a step forward but not the complete answer.

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