The Copenhagen Climate Conference was a Failure, or Was It?

My head is still spinning from the Copenhagen (United Nations) Climate Change Summit that was almost a month ago.   At first I kept up to date with news with my news feeder on overload after a few days.   Quickly,my head only hurt more instead of feeling inspired and motivated.   I’m not a politician, and though I did well in honors debate, debating or spinning webs around politics has never been my thing..   This Climate Change Summit has not calmed my fears of the climate control issues, or energy waste that happens by the second.

It was a waste, it was a failure and the steps that we took going backwards will be hard to change in order to go forward.   But wait, just one more minute.   So far in the news there has been good thoughts out of the Conference.

Bolivia to have their own Climate Summit, First World Conference of the People on Climate Change.
The economy laying belly up, maybe be what the energy crisis needs. NY Times Economy.

Personally, I think there was one small step forward.   Not in my lifetime do I remember so many nations coming together for the better good.   I do believe that they want to do good, but they are clueless on how to get there.   Every country or nation wants to be the right one and the one with the brilliant answer.   It is like having a load of Harvard graduate lawyers fighting against each other for the same answer, but their answer is right because they think so.

The news covered, and have been covering the Conference well.   There have been more talks about the North Pole melting, about smog, about the Greenhouse effect.   Maybe, just maybe, the media will continue with this spin going forward in order to keep the education to the everyday man.

I have hopes that we will learn that bikes answer many questions and needs..   At the very least we will drive less, stop using Air Conditioning so much and put a size limit on cars.

Let me apologize for ranting or typos.   As I am typing this after reading for two hours straight on all the news blurbs I had missed on the Conference.
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