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I cannot easily park one of my many bikes near my office at 51st and Madison. I wish to use a bike to go a short distance from Roosevelt Island over the 59th Street Bridge to my office, which will take about 30 minutes maximum. Would you recommend a folding bike, and if so which and at what cost? I need something basic and have no other plans to use the folding bike other than to take it with me to my office.

– Posted by Rob


I’m seriously considering purchasing a folding bicycle for both commuting and recreation. What, in your estimation, is the best bike for my money? I’ve seen prices range from $200 to more than $2,000. I’m not a serious cyclist, and would ride mostly in the warmer months. I’m a petite woman, so size/weight is also a consideration.

– Posted by Carissa


Keep in mind that parking garages/lots in New York City are taking bicycles now. Talk to some of the ones in the neighborhood that you work in to see what the costs are. This way your bike will be in a secure and hopefully indoor spot. If you do decide to go the folding bike route don’t think that you will be saving money by getting an inexpensive one because you have a short commute. You don’t want to be late for work due to an unreliable bike. At Bicycle Habitat our most satisfied folding bike users are riding Brompton. It is a premium product so you will spend a bit initially, but it is a great investment.

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