Why I Go By Bike : Doug Rozelman

Introducing a new guest writer, Doug Rozelman.   Doug is a co-worker of mine and an avid cyclist.   Slowly he is trying to learn to use his bike for daily task, and to live the cycling lifestyle.

Doug Rozelman

Not long ago, I picked up a small, square-shaped brochure highlighting Trek’s “1 World, 2 Wheels” campaign. I nonchalantly flipped through the pages to explore its content. Before I could restock the coffee table display, I found myself in a combined state of astonishment, disappointment, and urgency. Pages 1 and 3, respectively, read as follows: “The solution to some of the world’s biggest problems is in your garage” and “For 2 miles or less, go by bike.” Never before have two simple statements had such an impact on me.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Doug, and my career for the past four years has been within the cycling industry. I currently work in a bicycle store in Charlotte, NC. Additionally, I have had the privilege to acquaint myself with Bike Shop Girl and ride alongside her since July.   She certainly has inspired me. According to Google Maps, I live 1.3 miles from my place of employment. Across the street, literally 1.7 miles from home, are two shopping centers equipped with grocery stores, restaurants and fast food establishments, apparel and sporting goods stores, and even a choice of barbers and salons. Excluding the occasional trips to visit family or occasionally work in an affiliate store, the majority of places I shop and spend my time are typically within this two-mile radius. As a result, I have experienced an epiphany; I plan to develop my passion for racing and recreational riding into something more, a lifestyle.

Along the way, I hope to accomplish a few other goals: (1) to embrace fully the cycling and commuting culture (2) to admit shamelessly and describe my shortcomings as a “rookie” commuter (3 ) to eliminate any excuse I have (or potentially determine) for not traveling by bike (4) to experiment with and review various cycling and commuter-targeted products and (5) to inform, enlighten, and/or entertain those fellow individuals choosing to follow my lead.

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