We're Moving, Well at Some Point

overloaded-bikes-slideshowWell its been a great run but unfortunately we have outgrown or home at 2505 N Center Street, and it’s time to move on up to better pastures. Don’t worry we are not leaving Flagstaff, but we are planning on moving to a larger, new space, hopefully closer to downtown. It must be a good sign that in these times of so called economic struggle, which sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy to me, we can continue to grow our business and keep spreading the two-wheeled love.

We are excited for the change in scenery. Soon my desk will turn into a stack of Burley Honey Bee’s if we don’t move. Personally, I am pulling for the downtown locations. It feels right that if you are a serious business, you should be close to downtown Flagstaff, but that’s just my two cents. Our master and commander Josh has been hard at work searching the commercial property market to find the best spot. We expect to find a place and be moved by the end of the month. So keep tuned to the Campfire Cycling for our latest updates on the move. Hopefully well have a party at the new location when we move!

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