Bikes and Beers, One Way to Take the Party With You, The Draught Horse

It is well know that bikes and beers have long been synonymous with each other. There’s nothing better then a cool malt beverage after an epic ride or just the daily commute. For quite some time bike culture has been spawning ingenuous ways of combining bike and beer for the same trip.

It is not a coincidence that many custom bike rack makers have a specific rack design that strangely fits a twelve pack perfectly; trust me I’ve seen them. We have all seen the creativity put in to strapping, locking, roping, attaching, gluing a six pack to a bike frame some how, not to mention the attempts at fabricating beer hauling as seen in

We received an email from Peter showing us his version of bike/beer transport, and trust me he has taken it a bit past just trying to carry a twelve pack and with style as well I might add. Peter developed the Draught Horse, a full sized, keg ready, bicycle trailer with suspension! No foamy beer here.

The frame of the Draught Horse is constructed from quarter inch angle iron and the bar from half inch plywood stained and lacquered, oh ya and includes four inches of insulation to keep the beer cool and fresh. With keg the total trailer weight came out to a whopping 170 lbs. So don’t worry about those beer calories if you pulling this horse.

So if you have the time and the gumption you too can have a keg trailer, or maybe there is a bike trailer made that could easily be converted to a beer wagon, well maybe not with the style of Peter’s but give it a try. We would like to raise our pint glasses to Peter for sharing his bike and beer adaption and hope that he continues to pedal malty goodness to the masses.

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