Required Viewing for Work Place Health

Super Troopers PhotoHere at the, we take our work very seriously, it is important to us to provide the best selection of and information on bicycle trailers, bike touring/commuting gear and related genera. That being said we as people don’t take ourselves too seriously. In fact, for our own sanity we try to keep things as fun and healthy as we can at the Campfire Cycling (BSH), no Dunder-Mifflin here.

The employees on the forth floor decided to compose a required viewing list of movies and TV shows for new employs, so that they may better integrate into shop banter and life. What films might make such a prestigious and distinctive list you ask? Films such as Super Troopers, The Rock, or anything containing Dave Cheppelle. Classic period pieces like Top Gun and Big Trouble In Little China add to the depth of the required viewing.

You may think that our list is hollow and filled with senseless comedy and action films, but it has been assembled by a bi-gender panel of judges experienced in the art of movie quoting and referencing. This might help those with the question, how do those guys and gals at and sound so professional, and how are their services always spot on and timely? Well there are many reasons for this but the artistic exchange of movie quotations contributes a lot. Although it may seem that we here at the BSH perform our Bike related services in a super hero fashion, we are ultimately human, and as humans, sometimes simple, we need to keep ourselves entertained while we save the planet one bike trailer at a time.

So if you are asking your self, my work place isn’t very fun. Then take a lesson from the BSH and make your own required employee movie list and the next thing you’ll know you and Bob in the mail room or Susie in accounting will be having a blast in no time.

Here are the folks that have contributed to this list: Us

The list so far:

Super Troopers
Half Baked
Austin Powers 2
Top Gun
The Rock
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Tropic Thunder
Any Dave Chappelle stand-up or Chappelle Show episodes
Rush Hour 2
Big Trouble in Little China

If you feel you have other titles to contribute to our feel good-talk smack list please let us know.

Here are some other cool movies, that are more bike related: Bike Movies

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