Extrawheel Sale – Voyager & Advert Trailers

Need the perfect gift for the utility cyclist in your life? Look no further than the Extrawheel Voyager Bike Cargo Trailer. The Extrawheel Voyager is currently on sale at Bike Trailer Shop for the whopping price of $259 (includes trailer with a wheel), which is marked down from $369. Don’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity; the Voyager will be available at this price through December 31.

Extrawheel Voyager Bike Cargo Trailer

The Extrawheel Voyager is an innovative single-wheel bike trailer, which utilizes a full-size bicycle wheel with side racks that situate your load on either side of the center point of the trailer’s wheel. The unique design of the Extrawheel enables the trailer to carry most of the weight of your load, rather than having the weight suspended between your bike and the trailer, as is the case with many single-wheeled bike trailers. The design also allows the trailer to ride closer to your bike, which results in a shorter profile and better clearance. Finally, the Extrawheel’s design keeps your load’s center of gravity beneath the axle of the trailer wheel, which reduces the bounce-potential of the trailer.

You can carry your gear with the Extrawheel using side panniers. Extrawheel offers the Expert Panniers and Dry Panniers, but you can also use most any other style of pannier with the Extrawheel, as well. Check out some of the great options,including Ortlieb, Vaude, and more at Bike Bag Shop.

If you want to use a bike trailer off-road, then the Extrawheel Voyager is the perfect option. The single-wheel design of the Voyager allows for greater maneuverability than two-wheeled trailers. Check out this video for a great example of off-road riding with the Extrawheel.

To purchase the Extrawheel Voyager for the great price of $259, check out Bike Trailer Shop. There are also great step-by-step instructions for using the Extrawheel here at Bike Trailer Blog. Finally, for even more information, check out Extrawheel USA.

Extrawheel Advert Trailer

For those utility cyclists who do their work by bike, Extrawheel also offers an advertising trailer. The Extrawheel Advert Trailer will be available for the great price of $349. The Advert Trailer can fit a banner or poster that is up to 29.5 inches by 41 inches in size. The Advert Trailer is also a single-wheel trailer, which makes it sleek and easy to maneuver in urban areas.

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