This Week in Commuting News

My goal in these weekly round ups are not only to highlight what was talked about here, on Commute By Bike, but across the newswire, blogosphere and maybe even in my shop.   As long as it is about commuting, it may find its way here.

Velo Orange Polyvalent
Velo Orange Polyvalent

  • RJ has a great write up, and video of bicycle parking in Seattle.
  • A green bike box is painted in San Francisco ,and the first bike lane painted since 2006 but does this mean the ball is firmly rolling for the city, or very slow progress.   In other bad news, San Fran also lost their large advertiser of the bike share program but the Mayor is determined.
  • Velo Orange has new 650b city type frames, called the Polyvalent, I’m excited and there is one on my Christmas list.   650b with squishy Fatty Rumpkin tires would be rather enjoyable on pot hole roads.   You’ll see a brief introduction of this bike in the coming week as I truly love 650b for daily use.
  • Light up your bike with Christmas lights and show them off.   Add them to our Flickr group and in the next week I’ll make a slide show for all.

Right here on Commute By Bike :

  • We continue our Group Bike Build of what is now a Long Haul Trucker..   When I asked about types of components most people decided on an Alfine or Rohloff internally geared hub.   Long term I think this is a viable option but I will be starting off with the stock components until they need replacing.
  • There’s a Batavus BUB in the house and up for review.   Some strong comments are coming in about how the BUB isn’t up to Batavus standards.   What do you think?
  • I asked everyone about their thoughts on Commute By Bike getting into merchandise.   Between comments and tweets it was a great response, letting me hone in on what to try.   For now look for a Holiday Gift Guide this week.   Everything I’ll be putting on the list will be in stock through us and able to get to your door step (within continental US) before the holidays.
  • Finally, a very popular post where I asked the question “How to get everyday people to use a bike?” There’s many thoughts, comments and strong feelings shared through email.   I’ll be putting these out slowly in hopes to gain momentum as a community behind this question.
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