Start Healthier Living by Bike Commuting

Everyone that reads this site knows the benefits of commuting by bike.   Not only for the enviroment, saving money, less gas, air pollution and such, but also the health benefits.   You lose weight, while saving money.   There are other health benefits too, I’m certainly much happier when I ride my bike to work or the grocery store then driving.

Over at there is an study that shows the obvious benefits of going by bike and how it would effect the U.S obesity rate.

The average American is both overweight and spends more than 100 hours per year commuting, that vast majority of those hours being spent in a car. Are those numbers correlated? Could we help reduce our societal weight gain by encouraging more commutes by bike or foot? Our latest Transparency is a look at the number of active commutes in several countries, as compared to those countries obesity rates.

Make sure to the rest, and also check out the very nice graphic of various countries commuting by bike compared to their obesity levels.

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