Civia Loring I-Motion Review : Full Review

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Civia Loring

The Civia Loring has been close to my every day ride for over a month now.   We’ve been through all types of weather, conditions and over many variations of terrain.   Below are my longer term thoughts of the bike.   Please take in note that I’ve had the bike for a little over a month and this is a bike in for review.   There are things I would of changed on the bike for long term ownership, but those are stated at the end of the review.

Initial Thoughts

A full recap of my Initial Thoughts can be found over here, but the ones that I would like to expand on :

The Ride, its easy and comfortable but also different.   This is a bike that is meant to go from point a to b, and a decent pace but not a race pace.   It is more efficient than the Batavus BUB I have in for review, but not close to a sporty Trek FX.

The Brooks Saddle, we finally came at peace with each other with many micro adjustments which weren’t made easy with the stock Truvativ seatpost. (Good seatpost, bad to adjust..   The seat still isn’t perfect over 15 miles, but we have become friends.

Civia Loring

The Basket is a beautiful thing and I have begun to wish all my commuter bikes had one with this size.   The biggest downfall, I have found, with something this large on the front of your bike is the lack of track standing.   I simply can’t do one with any extra weight in the front basket.   I’ll take that failure with stride and continue to love the basket!

The Rear Rack is a failure, thankfully the front basket makes up for the rear rack.   It looks nice and maybe with a top rack bag it would work well.   All my attempts to ride with a pannier system failed once my heel clipped the bag continuously (I wear a size 42 EU shoe) and the furthest rear strut back on the rack kept many of my panniers from working (Orlieb and Knog.)

Personality and Details of the Civia Loring

Some of the nicer touches of the Loring include: The light mount under the basket, a U-Lock holder on that basket.   The bamboo fenders, which were mentioned to be weather proofed, and the matching bamboo inlay with the front basket and rear rack.   Finally the head tube badge and model badge on the top tube are awesome.   To the point I want a “Civia” head tube badge for a key ring.

Civia LoringSome touches I personally would like different : The mount that the chain guard bolts to on the chain stay is very easily bent and I could see it broken off.   This would leave the chain guard useless, or needed to be zip-tied..   Don’t put a Brooks seat on a stock bike.   The Brooks seat not only added to the final cost of the bike, but may not be made for everyone.   Maybe even leave a saddle off for their local bike shop to help them with. Finally, make all the attachments the same color.   The handlebar/stem/seatpost/cranks should all match to me.   Make them all black or silver, but just pick one of them please.

Final Thoughts on the Civia Loring

If I lived back in downtown Charlotte, NC this would be my one bike.   Get my milk, ride to work and maybe a rambling ride on the weekends.   I don’t live in the city limits any longer, so this wouldn’t be my one bike but it would be my daily commuter if I could afford it.   This paired with an Xtracycle and perhaps that Cyclocross bike, would be the three bikes to make it so I wouldn’t need to own a car out in the boonies.

For the person that doesn’t want to build a really great commuter bike from scratch but wants all the bells, whistles and amazing looks I think Civia has hit a home run.

Final score :
4 out of 5 points

One last side note : This bike didn’t have a bell, and that really upset me since this is a “commuter bike..   Civia, please look up the BE1091 bell and add them to all your bike builds.
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