The Perfecto Commuter Bike : Type of Shifting

If you are just stopping in on our Group Build of the perfect commuter bike let’s catch you up.   After introducing who will be riding the bike, the overall landslide of bicycle frame choice was a Surly Long Haul Trucker. This wasn’t a surprise to me or many others.   Over at the Surly Long Haul Trucker Owners Group, Bryan from Renaissance Bicycles, started a topic about our bike build.   Everyone had positive things to say about the bike and I’m very excited to be using this platform going forward.

Our next step is the shifting type, there’s standard STI/Double Tap/Ergo shifting which is all from the brake hood area, then bar end shifting and down tube shifting.   I guess we could also through mountain bike style shifter pods into this as well.   One last thing in the mix is the Long Haul Trucker is available as a complete build, which would save me money as well on the build.


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