This Week in Commuting News

My goal in these weekly round ups are not only to highlight what was talked about here, on Commute By Bike, but across the newswire, blogosphere and maybe even in my shop.   As long as it is about commuting, it may find its way here.

  • Elly Blue of hits upon staying dry and warm this winter, on a budget.
  • There is the first bike box, or green box in Columbus.   Bike Columbus isn’t sold on the idea it seems.
  • One of my favorite component manufactures, and all around good guys to work with, Velo Orange, recently took a trip to Tiawan to visit the factories that make their fine goods.   Read up on Chris and his stories.
  • EcoVelo has an amazing contest going on right now tagged “The Endless Summer Photo Contest.” With great prizes up to win there are some beautiful and inspiring photographs coming in everyday.
  • Did you know that Americans spend 90% of their times indoors? So says RJ.
  • Manpris are stylish and functional for cyclist, but one guy has his manhood questioned due to wearing this capri styled pants.   Read more at
  • People are encouraged to “Bike the Strike” during the transportation strike in Philadelphia. If you live in Philly, let us know how it is going there.
  • The SunTimes in Chicago has a great Pro’s & Con’s list for year round bike commuting.
  • BikeCarson is following our lead on Flickr.   Join CommuteByBike on Flickr, as well as the new Bike Carson Flickr group.

Right here on Commute By Bike there were many things talked about :

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