Introducing the Wandertec BAGel

Yum, yum, kinda makes me hungry…to get out of the office and off on a great adventure with a bike trailer, that is! Wandertec and Bike Trailer Shop are excited to announce the introduction of our next product in the Wandertec bike trailer accessory line – the Wandertec BAGel – Bike Trailer Wheel Bag.

The BAGel wheel bag is the perfect solution to traveling with or shipping your bike trailer. Traveling with or shipping your favorite bike trailer usually requires you to remove the wheels, and you are left with two loose wheels rolling around and potentially causing trouble. To make life a bit easier and keep those loose wheels in check, we have developed the Wandertec BAGel, which provides you with a convenient and sturdy bag to stow your wheels away for the trip.

The BAGel wheel bag is designed to carry 16″ and 20″ bike trailer wheels. The wheels that come with most two-wheeled bicycle trailers utilize 2″ to 3″ axles, which are similar to the hubs found on wheelchairs. The BAGel wheel bag was designed with two-wheeled bicycle trailer wheels in mind. To that end, there is enough room in each bag to fit two wheels together side-by-side. The BAGel comes with foam covers to protect your axles and spokes, and the wheels of your trailer fit together by putting the axle of each wheel between the spokes of the other wheel.

The BAGel works well with any kind of tw0-wheeled bicycle trailer, including bike cargo trailers, bike child trailers, and bike pet trailers. And if you missed it a few weeks back, we recently announced the release of the Wandertec BONGO Bike Trailer. Naturally, the Wandertec BAGel is a great counterpart to the Wandertec BONGO Bike Trailer. For the travel-enthusiasts out there, the BAGel also works well with other bike trailer travel cases, such as the Wandertec CELLO, the Ortlieb Big Zip, and the BOB Stroller Travel Bag.

We are excited about getting the BAGel into the hands of bike trailer users. So, for a limited time, we are provide a FREE BAGel with the purchase of all Bike Child Trailers, select Bike Pet Trailers, as well as the following Bike Cargo Trailers:

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