Custom S&S Coupler BOB Trailer + BOB Trailer Specials

Sycip S&S Coupler BOB Trailer

One of our readers recently sent us some photos of his custom BOB Trailer that was modified by Jeremy Sycip of SyCip bikes. The modification came about when our reader went on a tour to Costa Rica. He had packed his BOB into a duffel bag for the flight, but the fork of the BOB tore through the duffel bag and damaged other passengers’ luggage. Not surprisingly the airline was not too happy.

Needless to say, the unfortunate circumstance resulted in a very innovative solution. Sycip modified the rear fork of the trailer using S&S couplers and extra braces that support the fork so that it can easily be folded up and put into a duffel bag. The folding fork reduces the length of the BOB and makes it easier to put in the duffel bag. Additionally, when the fork is folded up into the frame of the BOB, the shape of the resulting item is rounder and less likely to puncture other pieces of luggage.

As for the duffel bag, it unzips completely and serves as the groundcloth for a tent. The BOB dry sak is placed into the BOB trailer, along with the wheels for traveling to make for one compact setup. Our reader ends up with only two pieces of luggage using this method, as his bicycle is placed into a bike bag or a cardboard bike box, depending on whether or not he is returning to the same airport he arrived at.

BOB Specials – Free Wandertec Sax with the Purchase of any BOB Trailer

While we can’t do custom modifications to BOB trailers here at Bike Trailer Shop, we can certainly provide you with a BOB trailer and other means for traveling with your BOB trailer! We are currently offering a free liner – the Wandertec Sax – with the purchase of any BOB trailer.

Bike Trailer Shop also offers a number of products to make traveling with a BOB trailer easier.
The Wandertec Cello is a revolutionary bike case that incorporates the BOB trailer as the base of the bike case. You can mount your bicycle into the BOB and two panels fold up around the case.

Another option is the BOB Stroller Travel bag. Although intended for BOB strollers, the BOB Travel bag works great with both the YAK and Ibex trailers. The Ortlieb Big Zip is yet another option for traveling with a BOB trailer. The Big Zip is a huge, durable bag that works well with a BOB trailer. For more information on traveling with a BOB trailer, read more about it on this post dedicated to the issue.

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