A Brake Light for Your Bicycle : The Spooklight

A wireless brake light for your bike, is it possible.   With technology from various industries touching the cycling world now it is exciting to see what new inventions will come about.

Spooklight by 50cycleThe Spooklight made by 50cycles is a waterproof brake light for your bicycle. The light is wireless, allowing freedom for the remote on your handlebars. Recharging off of a USB cable to your computer and you can use the recharged light as a on the road charger for many USB products, like your iPhone.   A few other features such as turn signals you operate from the handlebar, a 60 hour run time on a fully charged light, and the USB recharging feature.

At around $80 (before shipping) I think this light would do well in certain areas.   In my neck of the woods cars would not have a clue what is blinking or flashing, nor would they know that it is turn signals instead of a safety light.   If more bikes came equipped with a light like this I could see the trend, and awareness, catching on.

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