Custom Xtracycle Decks & Xtracycle Kits on Sale

Brand Name Boards Custom Xtracycle Deck

Brand Name Boards, which is based out of Durango, Colorado, makes custom snap decks to use on an Xtracycle. They make a beautiful assortment of boards from the surfboard version (shown on our Radish below) to a cushioned board for comfortable sitting. Check out the video below to watch the construction of one of these boards in action.

Here at Bike Trailer Shop, we have the one and only surfboard Xtracycle deck. The deck is complete with the proper surfboard parts, including the pointed tip, tail, and bottom fin.

The racing stripes on our Brand Name Board perfectly match the color of the Xtracycle Radish, which makes for a beautiful, eye-catching, and well crafted accessory for an Xtracycle or Radish.

We decked ours out with some Jandd Grocery Bag Panniers, and it is one good-looking, load-hauling machine.

Brand Name Boards can make any kind of board your heart desires, so let your creativity flow. To contact them, please visit their website:

Xtracycle FreeRadical Kits on Sale through October 31

Don’t have an Xtracycle to install your new Brand Name Board on yet? Well now is the perfect time to get one! FreeRadical kits are on sale for a great price of $399 through October 31. Take advantage of this great offer while it lasts and then spice up your new ride with a custom board.

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