Massachusetts Bikers : Traffic Laws are Being Enforced

Photo Credit : AllWaysNY (Flickr)
Photo Credit : AllWaysNY (Flickr)

Across the state of Massachusetts you will be seeing more police officers focusing on traffic laws.   The officers will be working overtime hours to not only enforce, but educate about traffic laws and safety.   A subject that is very behind if the United States is going to propel forward the issue of bike commuting or utility cycling.

Nearly $100,000 has been awarded to police departments throughout the state to provide overtime funds so they can address pedestrian and bicycle safety through enforcement and education.

With the money, police departments in Brookline, Concord, Franklin, and Hopkinton are putting more officers at busy intersections, issuing more citations, handing out bicycle helmets for young riders, and hosting public events to reinforce their message.

With one department citing roughly 84 citations in the three weeks the program has been running I would say this is a huge success.   The tough thing is you can only enforce so much without the follow up education.   Many people, including police, think bikes belong on sidewalks and not on the road, or that you should ride the opposite direction of traffic.

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