Batavus Bikes : Dutch Designed, Dutch Built

Photo Credit : FranzyPoo on Flickr
Photo Credit | franzypoo on Flickr

One of our new sponsors, Renaissance Bicycles, carries a Dutch company by the name of Batavus. (Commute By Bike has mentioned Batavus a couple times before, here and here.)

Although a recent arrival to the North American market, Batavus is a century-old quintessential Dutch bike manufacturer.. Their line-up of urban and transportation oriented bikes are targeted to the daily bike commuter looking for a dependable and low maintenance means of getting to-and-fro.

The Batavus bikes basically come in two flavors: Classic and Modern.. The Classic bikes reflect the timeless Omafiets deigns that most Americans associate with the bikes of Amsterdam.. The Modern style bikes are an updated look that combines the practicality of the classic design with a little more contemporary sensibility.

It is important to note that Batavus bikes are still made in Holland.. Thanks to their popularity in Europe, Batavus has kept their design, testing, and manufacturing in-house.. In other words, these are Dutch bicycles made by Dutch designers, Dutch engineers, and Dutch workers.

Batavus history is over a hundred years old with a very rich history. Prices start at $725 for one of the classic style models, Old Dutch, and upwards of $1500 for a modern style, Blockbuster.

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