Fyxation Session 700 Tires | Stylish & Durable

Style and function are two things that the bike industry are taking note of..   More product is being designed first for function, durability and ease only to be followed up with design. When companies get this right it won’t be long before their product is sought after by fixie riders and cruiser riding mom’s with kids in tow.   Everyone wants to look good, regardless of what their thought of looking good is.   First though, most commuters want a functional, durable product.

The Fyxation Session 700 tire is that and hopefully more.   If the tire is durable like the company states then you’ll be seeing these popping up on urban rides all over.   It will also be pretty nifty if the tires leave different colored skid marks.

Fyxation Green Tire

Fyxation Online
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