Oregon Manifest Constructor's Design Challenge

Oregon ManifestThe Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge aims to inspire frame builders and designers to develop considered, integrated, and spectacular solutions for the everyday rider.

This challenge will showcase the quality, engineering ingenuity, and functionality of modern handbuilt bikes. Come see the latest in functional innovation!

Every year at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show the movers and groovers at all the large manufactures show up to see what’s new, what’s hip and what will be the next trend. Why do they show up at a handmade bike show. Because the small guys get it and can do it.

When a one or two man shop build bikes it is easier to make changes, see what is happening and mirror that. When a large company, like Giant, Trek, Specialized, etc, build bikes they are planning years in advance. Right now we are about to start the 2010 season, many large companies are talking plans for 2011, maybe even 2012!

Tonight, October 2nd, at the Oregon Manifest there is something called the “Constructor’s Design Challenge” where some of the leading handmade bike builders are going head to head to build the most beautiful, thought out and well engineered bike for, well.. YOU. For the everyday rider, the Joe that wants to ride a few blocks to get coffee or maybe haul groceries across town.

The judges have their hands full deciding, but once we hear something CommuteByBike will be the first to know.

Make sure to follow these fine folks who are on hand in Oregon:

Oregon Manifest on twitter @OregonManifest

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