Commute By Bike Is Back and Kicking It Live

This past spring the original owner of Commute By Bike, Tim Grahl, had to make a tough choice. Out:Think, his web design business, was taking off much faster than a rate he could handle while trying to run Crooked Cog Network. Slowly the sites separated as Guitar-Ted took over Twenty Nine Inches himself and Commute By Bike became a static site.. Tim wanted to keep it around as a resource for all those trying to use their bike in a smart, commuter, way. Since April this site, Commute By Bike, has sat….patiently waiting.

Commute By Bike has a soft place in my heart. It is one of the view blog oriented review sites out there aimed to help people, help themselves. Yes, there are a lot of great cycling oriented sites out there but not many teach you how to use your bicycle to get around town, safe gas or safely carry your family to school.

It took longer than any of us would of liked but we are back. Under new ownership and our goal is to make you a happier, safer, commuter. Let us know what we can do, review, talk about to get you there and as always feedback is wanted.

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