A Rather Unusual Commute

Although this video is an advertisement for S1jobs.com, which appears to be the Scottish version of LinkedIn, I am posting it anyhow for a few reasons.1. Danny MacAskill is amazing, and his riding is absolutely beautiful to watch.2. The video is actually quite well done, when you consider the message. Indeed, I like the idea of suggesting that one ought to, or even could, love one’s job, and potentially also love getting back and forth to one’s job. This is certainly an advertising message I can live with.3. I could go into some socio-cultural critique about the way in which the rider commuting to work in the video navigates the city space in a non-traditional manner, which therefore enables him to experience place in a different way, and consequently, be able to better love his job…but I’ll just leave it at that.4. It’s fun to watch. So enjoy. And then go mix it up on your commute (no, I don’t suggest jumping off any buildings on your bike), but maybe try a new route, for example, and see if it improves your workday at all.And because I simply can’t help myself (or get enough of this video), I’m posting another example of Danny’s riding. Kind of like a ballet of sorts.

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