Bicycle Parking

I discovered this great video by Amsterdamize this morning called Convenience. The video depicts how easy it is to commute by bicycle in Amsterdam, what with the great infrastructure – in the way of bike lanes, signs, etc., safe parking – in a guarded facility with plenty of space, and convenient locations – in the way of close proximity to the train, the business district, and presumably shopping, eating, and so on.Convenience from Amsterdamize on Vimeo.In the United States, such bicycle parking facilities are fewer and farther between, but there are some popping up in unexpected places. For example, just up the road from me in Phoenix, Arizona – a very hot place, I can assure you – a bicycle parking, repair, and locker facility called The Bicycle Cellar has just opened. The Bicycle Cellar offers parking, showers (which are essential in a place like Phoenix, if not for your smell, but for your sanity), repair services, and much more for great prices. The Bicycle Cellar is gathering momentum too, due in part to its convenient location near the new light rail in Phoenix and also because it is a fabulous idea.The Bicycle Cellar is the first of it’s kind in Arizona and hopefully not the last. I think a similar business would do really well near the University of Arizona in Tucson, which sees the highest bicycle traffic and probably also the highest theft in the city. A safe place to park your bike and shower would make commuting by bicycle even better than it already is!The Bicycle Cellar from on Vimeo.Next up on Utility, we are going to begin a discussion about bicycle parking. So please chime in if you have suggestions, ideas, or stories we can add to our next post.

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