The Day of Electric Bikes

Well, today is the day of electric bikes and wow’s. The first wow…erhm, I mean electric bike…is the Yike Bike. It sure looks interesting, efficient and so on, but my first question, is it comfortable? I just don’t know how I feel about that hand position for riding, but you never know until you try. Yike Bike has an answer, and they also claim that it’s more intuitive to ride than a regular bicycle. Hmmm…I would say that once you know how to ride a bike it’s pretty intuitive, but who knows.Anyways, check it out for yourself.I first read about the Yike Bike over at then there is this video. Again, wow. Just wow. I like the idea of an electric bike vs electric car challenge, but what is that guy doing riding down the sidewalk going as fast as the cars? Geez!!!This video and some good comments were found at Commute Orlando.And I’m actually not opposed to electric bikes, as I think they are a great option for many people for commuting. However, personally, I must admit that I prefer to pedal.

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