Globe Cycle is proud to be sponsoring James Bowthorpe of Globe Cycle with Orlieb panniers. James is currently riding his bicycle around the world in order to raise money and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease research. James is currently well on his way to breaking the current word record for circumnavigating the world by bicycle, but more importantly, he is on a mission to raise 1.8m for Parkinson’s Disease research. James has already raised 50,043.38 towards his goal of 1.8m. Please visit his donation page to help him reach his goal.

James has been riding for 156 days and has covered more than 15,000 miles. He left from London, heading east, and has ridden through countries such as Iran, India, Thailand, Australia, and many more. He is currently on the east coast of the United States, and will soon fly across the Atlantic to Portugal and Spain, where he will travel north back to London. He hopes to be done with his journey in 13 days and has been averaging between 120 – 170 miles per day!

For more information about James, his journey, and his recent stop at our headquarters in Flagstaff, Arizona, please visit to read our full post about him.


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