Bike for Life – Like the Dutch!

There is a great deal of opportunity in the United States to improve people’s health, lives, and overall well-being. This can be achieved to a large degree by simply stepping away from your car and using some other mode of transportation. There are statistics upon statistics upon statistics that tell us that most car trips in the US are quite short and that walking or biking is often feasible, that a great deal of Americans spend a lot of time in their cars every week, that riding in cars is bad for your physical and emotional health, that cars are dangerous, that cars are expensive, that cars are ruining the environment, that cars make us dependent on foreign oil, which inclines our country to be big international bullies…I really needn’t say more. You’ve heard it all before.

And of course, here at UtilityCycling, we couldn’t agree more with this fellow over at Everyday Bike. As he puts it:

Bikes aren’t just for Lance Armstrong. You don’t have to have the latest carbon fiber frame and wear spandex body suit to ride a bike…what a revelation.Bicycling is a lifestyle – not just a race, a hobby, or the latest fashion craze.Bike aren’t just for kids. Adults can play too!

Check out the trailer for his new movie – Riding Bikes with the Dutch.I found this video at the blog – Change Your Life, Ride A Bike.

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