A Lightweight Tandem with Trailer for Touring Scenario

The Scenario:
We are planning a self-supported tandem adventure in Switzerland. The tandem is a Davidson race tandem, with cross frame but pretty much standard road setup rather than stout tandem weight hardware. The components are all Dura Ace and it has 32 spoke wheels. We are planning on traveling light and taking a trailer to hold all out stuff so we can ride some with the trailer and some without.

The Carry Freedom City looks like a really nice carrier. I like the way it looks and how easy it would be to wheel along from planes, trains and hotels and on to the bike with no taxis, buses, etc. So, is this going to be a good combo for our tandem?

Bike Trailer Blog’s Answer:
I recently did a 9 day tour in Scotland with a tandem and using the Carry Freedom City, and it offered many advantage and a few disadvantages to other trailers. Have a look at my Carry Freedom City Review.

Overall, I would say the Carry Freedom City is our best trailer for something that is going to pushed around a lot off the bike.
The one problem we had was that we overloaded it with a 2nd bag on top which caused it to be top-heavy.
It flipped over quite a few times going off curbs, etc.

For our next tandem tour, I will be using front and rear racks for our lighter items and putting our heavier items in an Extrawheel Voyager trailer.
The Voyager seems like the ideal trailer for tandems as it is the shortest and best handling trailer that we know of.

If you like the idea of a two-wheeled trailer to keep almost all the weight of the bike and the Carry Freedom City doesn’t look like it has enough capacity, you may want to consider a the Burley Nomad trailer as well.
This trailer won’t do that well off the bike, but is a bit better on the bike.

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