Chariot & Croozer Bike Trailers On Sale! is currently running some great specials on Chariot and Croozer Trailers. They are offer 7-10% plus Free Shipping on these great trailers through next Tuesday, June 16th.

Chariot Carriers is known for their premium child transport systems. All of their Carriers are made with incredible attention to detail. The Cross Country series, made up of the Chariot Cheetah, Chariot Cougar and Chariot CX are available in 1 0r 2 child versions. My favorite aspect of the Cross Country Series is the seamless flow between different functions. The Cheetah, Cougar and CX can be used equally well for cycling, strolling or jogging. There are even additional kits available for skiing and hiking.

The Chariot Carrier comes as a chassis only and we find our customer purchasing for any and all of the above combinations of uses. BikeTrailerShop’s Operation Manager, Jeff Hankens recently became the proud father of a baby boy, Abe. Jeff decided to get a Chariot CX-1 for it’s great all around use. Their choice was one purchase that could be used for all the variety of adventures that he and Sarah would be taking Abe on in the coming years. To start, they are mainly using the CX-1 for a stroller (with infant sling) and once Abe is a bit older will have him out on bike rides.

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