Wandertec Growing Strong!

Business is continuing on at a strong pace of growth here at Wandertec. We’ve recently added on two new employees to help us provide the best in Bike Trailers, Bike Panniers and Bike Racks.

Melanie Street brings her strong customer service experience, small business experience and artistic sensibilities to our diverse team as our newest sales associate.

Herman Sims has joined in as our PHP/OSCommerce programmer. We are looking forward to utilizing his wealth of programming, networking and general business experience to move all of our websites forward to the next level.

In our effort to find our great new employees, we reached out to other bike bloggers to help spread the word. I wanted to thank all of our friends out there who posted up links about our available positions. These are the folks that posted and what they had to say: Commute by Bike, Bike Hacks, How To Fix Bikes. Drunk Cyclist, HandleBar Sandwich, Cascade Couriers, Melanie Meyers, Womens Bike Talk, David Hembrow, Cyclelicio.us, Family On Bikes, Bike Blog NYC and Tucson Bike Lawyer.

Along with our new employees, we are continuing to move forward on growing our business. We’ve recently launched the Campfire Cycling as a central site for our growing array of niche bicycling sites. The Campfire Cycling will serve as a portal to the Bike Trailer Shop, Bike Bag Shop and our new site that is coming soon, Bike Kid Shop.

We’ve also updated website for our representation of Extrawheel Bike Trailers in the US, Extrawheel USA. We’ve just added in Extrawheel’s Advert Trailer. Right now both the Advert Trailer and the Extrawheel Voyager Bike Trailer are on sale.

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