GT belt drive cruiser

I’m at the Sea Otter Festival in Monterey California this week, where I saw the GT Aerostream cruiser bike.

GT Aerostream city bike

As you can see in this photo, this bike has a 3 speed hub, fenders, chainguard, and 700 x 47 “city” tires. The women’s step through model comes with the front basket; the men’s model has a rear rack and comes with small panniers.

The Aerostream kind of has the beach cruiser look, but the relatively stiff and lightweight aluminum frame gives this bike a much nicer ride than most beach cruisers I’ve tried. It doesn’t feel like I’m pulling a boat anchor when I ride this bike.

One of the more interesting features, though: The GT Aerostream uses the Gates carbon belt drive instead of a chain.

GT Aerostream city bike

Overall a very nice ride and a nice looking bike.

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