Get yourself a BOB Trailer at 10% off!

Bike Trailer Shop has just launched the annual Spring 10% off BOB Trailer Sale running through April 12th. Get 10% off on a BOB Yak ($260.10) or a BOB Ibex ($323.10) through April 12th.

Not only is this a great deal on a BOB, but Bike Trailer Shop has a great selection of accessories, extra parts, upgrades and fixes to get you BOB Trailer set up just right. Give us a call to avoid getting stuck in the mud with choosing your options (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Is a BOB not enough to hold all of your gear like the guy in the picture? Don’t forget the Ortlieb sale running through the end of this weekend at Bike Bag Shop.

For the uninitiated, BOB Trailers are the trailers that have spearheaded the emergence of bike cargo trailers over the last 15 years. We are huge fans of these trailers for their maneuverability in tight situations on and off-road, ruggedness and adaptability for a variety of uses.

As big fans of the BOB, we’ve done quite a bit of writing about the BOB Trailer in this blog over the past few years. I’ve compiled a list of links to every BOB Trailer related blog post that we’ve written to prove the point:

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