A whole litany of faults

“Bicyclists are obnoxious.”

That’s how columnist Michael Dresser begins his column today in the Baltimore Sun in which he encourages legislators to vote for a proposed three foot law in Maryland.

Some other colorful words he uses describing people on bikes: infesting, freakish, Spandex (of course), dweeby, smug, elitist, irksome.

But he’s being clever, I think, because he then turns around and writes Maryland state legislators should pass the three foot passing law like some 20 other states have.

Read more in the Sun.

On the topic of cyclist bad behavior, Traffic author Tom Vanderbilt weighs in on the perception and reality of how we ride our bikes.

What do you think? Are we as badly behaved as some people think? Or are people just people: with some jerks out there no matter if they’re on foot, on bike, or in car?

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