Step-by-step – BOB Ibex

Step-by-step – BOB Ibex

Welcome to the Step-by-step guild to assembling the BOB Ibex. The Ibex offers the rider the same towing capacity and maneuverability as the BOB Yak but provides 3 of travel for bombing curbs and pounding your favorite back roads with cargo in tow.

Before starting the assembly of the Ibex you will need a few tools. I used 2 5mm Hex/Allen wrenches, 2 10mm wrenches and a rubber weighted hammer.

The first step is to open the box and pull out the small box inside and remove the contents, you will find the following items inside:

1 Owners Manual
1 BOB Sticker
1 Trailer Wheel Quick Release
1 Extra Pin
1 Bungee Cord
1 Trailer Fork with shock

See picture #1

After you’ve taken inventory on your parts you will notice that the bob trailer fork is attached to the trailer backwards, you need to turn it around. To do this, remove the trailer though bolt that holds the fork and trailer together and attach it again so that the fork is facing the correct direction. Make sure to place the though bolt washers back in place between the bolt/nut and the trailer.

See picture #2

Next, you want to remove the lower through bolt on the shock tower, the through bolt is held in place by a 10mm nut. To get the trailer fork with shock inside the shock tower you need to come at it at slight angle.

See picture #3

Once the shock fork is in place you can slide it in position and secure it with the lower though bolt that you just removed. Remember to place the washers back into position between the shock tower and the bolt/nut. Continue by removing the upper shock tower bolt with 2 5mm allen wrenches, the top of the shock will now need to be placed into position and attached with the upper shock tower bolt that was just removed. When getting my shock into place, I had to tap a few times very gently with a weighted rubber hammer to get the holes to line up. Once the Shock is mounted you can now pull the plastic tab at the bottom of the shock and move it to the different positions available. The trailer wheel can now be mounted with the trailer wheel quick release and tightened down.

See picture #4

I decided not to install the wheel reflectors, but if you want them on they just snap into place when threaded between the spokes. If you choose, take your flag and slide it into the sleeve on the shock tower. The last step to this build is to thread the BOB quick release though your rear wheel and mount the trailer fork on the quick release. The fork is held in place by 2 pins that snap to the fork when properly attached.

See picture #5

Now that you have your Ibex properly assembled it is time to add the bells and whistles that makes your Ibex stand out from all the rest! Wandertec offers a few products that can really help in making your new Ibex as functional and easy to use as possible. The Wandertec Sax is a great addition to your rig because it creates a secure location for you to place loose items that might otherwise fall out from the sides without sacrificing any storage room and allowing you to access the items without the hassle of opening and closing a dry bag. Another item that specifically works very well in conjunction with the Sax is the Wandertec Cargo Net, simply latch the 8 hooks of the cargo net to the frame of the Ibex to keep your items securely inside yet easily accessible.

The BOB Ibex and Extrawheel Voyager are 2 great touring trailers especially for off-road touring. Have a look at our recent head-to-head comparison of these trailers as well as our step-by-step Instructions for the Extrawheel Voyager.

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