Do You Believe in Bike Trailers?

If you do there is a great opportunity to work at the leading Bike Trailer resource and shop. By following Bike Trailer Shop and their blog I have learned new things, product and watched adventures.

We are currently hiring. We are looking for someone who is interested in becoming a part of growing our business. The core of our business involves our online shops, Bike Trailer Shop and Bike Bag Shop. In addition we run the sites and Spoke And Word and are currently in development of several new projects including another shop, Bike Kid Shop, and two cycling community projects, Utility Cycling and Womens Bike Talk. With all of our bicycle-centric projects, we are looking for someone with a strong knowledge & passion for utility cycling.Specific duties of our full time Sales Associate position will include shipping, customer service, accounting & Internet product listing. Business and computer experience are preferred.

If interested please email your resume to

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