BOB vs. Extrawheel Sale

We’re doing a head-to-head Single Wheeled bike trailer sale at Check out the deals we are offering on the BOB Yak & BOB Ibex trailers and the new Extrawheel Voyager through March 22nd. By putting these trailers on special at the same time, we thought it was a great opportunity to compare and contrast these two great trailers.

Cargo Capacity:
The BOB Trailer offers an open cargo area configuration while the Extrawheel Voyager offers mounting for even the largest sized panniers. The Capacity of the BOB out does the Voyager in both volume and weight, but the Extrawheel offers whatever convenience of packing that comes built into your panniers.

On-Road & Off-Road:
Both trailers offer a narrow profile that is appreciated for on-road riding and really shines in Off-Road conditions. While the BOB Yak can be used off-road, the BOB Ibex really performs nicely when the going gets rough with its suspension evening out the bumps. That being said, the Extrawheel is in my opinion the best performing off-road trailer with its full size wheel and close location to the rear wheel of your bike. It rolls over everything that comes in its path with ease.

The BOB Yak weighs in at 13.5 lbs while the BOB Ibex is 17lbs.
The Extrawheel Voyager in comparison is a svelte 8.6 lbs
Off course the bag in the trailer needs to be added to the equation.
The BOB DrySAK weighs in at 2.5 lbs.
While a typical set of panniers used on the Voyager will be 3-6 pounds.

Both trailers offer very solid as well as repairable steel construction. The BOB has been proven on many expeditions all over the world and the new Extrawheel Voyager has a quality design and build that will surely proove itself on many expeditions to come.

The BOB Trailer can is a bit on the large size traveling but can be packed inside of a bag such as the Ortlieb Big Zip or BOB Travel Bag. The Extrawheel Voyager, can be compacted down to a very small size and can often even be packed inside the same box or case as the bicycle.

Other Notes:
The BOB has a great deal of accessories available to make it convenient to use in a whole range of situations. The Extrawheel Voyager offers the added benefit of offering and extra front wheel, tire and tube or even rim and spokes for the rear wheel in a real pinch.

In Conclusion:
For a great overall trailer on-road, off-road, around town etc, nothing beats a BOB Trailer for versatility. It’s handle all conditions well and has an easy to use cargo area well-suited for a variety of loads. For the ultimate in off-road performance and for those who strongly prefer the convenience of organizing with panniers the Extrawheel would be considered the winner. And its versatility-follows the variety of bike panniers that you have available for it.

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