File Organization

For the past few weeks we’ve been organizing all of our files and file names.

Having worked on my own developing this business for the first two years, it was generally hard to justify the time it would take to develop a uniform method for organizing my files. As a new business, it was also difficult to determine what methods of file organization would be most helpful for the business.

Having grown our business quite significantly over the last year with the strong growth in utility cycling, we now have both the need and the impetus for a solid organization of all of our files.

The main goal has been to organize our product naming structure in with our system of accounting and organizing images and information. The naming structure of our websites is the starting point. We name by shop, then brand, then brand subcategory then product name. As closely as possible we duplicate this in our accounting names and our organization of information relating to the products we sell.

Our basic ambition in setting up our files is to setup an easy to use method of cataloging all of the information and images we deal with to create a great database of Utility Cycling information. In the end, we hope to organize and present as much of this information as possible.

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