Trickle Down Inspiration Flow of a Workaholic

I’m always thinking about what works best to keep myself and my employees focused, energized and motivated to keep Wandertec Bike Cargo Design moving forward in the right direction.

Often, it is about balancing the right load between the “core level” work of day-to-day and infrastructure and the “fringe level” work of experimental marketing and new projects.

Another way I think about balancing the load is simply working off of what stands out strongest in mind. Each day, I’ll start out with core activities like customer relations, shipping and ordering. Once I’m clear of those tasks, I’ll start looking around for inspiration. When I’m staring at a long list of possible projects, I try to let ideas that are popping brightly in my mind bubble to the front of my task list. Projects that are standing out in my mind are generally easier to do and are more relevant to the moment.

This process of choosing projects, really helps when I’m tired or lacking motivation on the weekends in the morning or at the end of the day. If nothing pops and the core tasks are done, I then look to the basics. This may mean that work is done and it is time to focus on the basics of life, like eating, cleaning, exercising and maybe even relaxing….

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