Commuters Require Less Sick Days

Many large companies in the US believe that a healthier employee is a happier employee.   It looks like research is proving that a commuting employee is a healthier employee which requires fewer sick days.

I would love to see the companies that put money forward for gym or yoga membership to instead put that towards anyone that rides their bike to work.   If a company, like Bank of America, gave their employee say $50 per month for a gym membership and also helped pay for their parking spot in a garage or parking lot to work at their company on the minimum of $600 per year.   Now instead of them paying for a gym membership you might use 3-4 times a week, and a parking spot that takes up land, leads to more gas use and pollution they give you that $50+ to ride your bike to work, provide you with a shower and safe bike storage instead of a parking spot and your company will also now get a tax break thanks to the Commuter Act that was passed.

There’s many people moving up in organizations across the U.S that have greener thoughts about how their companies should hold themselves.   Between green thinking, recycling, bike riding, car pooling and less need for parking lots.   Are any of you tackling these hurtles at your own job? Personally, I work at a bike shop and still see the need for things to become enviromental friendly.

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