BrightBike : A Reflective Bike

Beacon Graphics and Eye Beam teamed up with some reflective 3M tape and came up with a pretty cool bike decal set called BrightBike.   With two different sets available, either Pre-cut or Uncut it will give the do-it-yourselfer a pretty unique and safe bike. 3M tape comes in various colors so you could match your bike pretty well, I have some installed on my Salsa Casseroll rear rack. It isn’t noticed that you have the tape on until it’s darker out and light hits the tape.

I question having your whole bike taped due to how bright the tape is, do you think it would be a distraction.   On a couple of my commuter bikes I have done my best to put 3M tape so you can see it well from the back and sides, including a couple pieces on the rotating rims to catch someones attention.

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