Get paid to commute by bike

While many of us are excited at the possible $20 U.S. Federal tax benefit (should they ever materialize at your employer), some communities already offer $40 and more per month in cash for those who commute by bike.

Anna with Geot in Birmingham This is Anna in Birmingham, Alabama, who writes for the Bike Skirt Blog. Anna is eligible for a $2/day cash benefit from the GetGreen CommuteSmart program in her city. GetGreen offers commuters $2 per day, up to $120 over a three-month period, to anyone who lives or works in Jefferson or Shelby Counties when they change their commutes from driving alone to a qualified commute alternative. Elisa Munoz of Birmingham, another Bike Skirt Blogger, takes the cash and was recently featured in her local newspaper.

Commuters in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area have the Cash for Commuters, which offers $3 per day up to $100 over 90 days for those who switch from driving alone to a qualified cleaner commute alternative, including biking to work. Commuters state wide also have a chance each month to $25 gift cards.

What cash incentive programs are available in your area?

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